Fun in Frederick!

What a day we had in Western Maryland!

On Tuesday, March 4, 2008, Lance Rougeux – Director of the Discovery Educator Network and or Mr. Pennsylvania – your call, Dennis Swain – DEN Account Manager for the North East, Alex Morrison – Director of Sales, Mid-Atlantic, and I had the chance to meet, interact, and provide a Day of Discovery to 130 Library Media Specialists and Tech Coordinators from Frederick County Public Schools and the Archdiocese of Baltimore.

Throughout the day we shared new ideas and best practices and we even launched a DEN Contest and I’m excited to see which school reigns supreme at the end.

Going out and interacting with educators is hands down my favorite part of the job! Not only do I feel like I’ve just gulped down 20 cups of coffee by being surrounded by so much energy but I always learn a new trick or two from educators in the room.

So to repay that favor, and if you’re a reader of this blog you knew it was coming, I’m including links to all of the powerpoints that we shared that day.

Please spread the feel free to give them a good home and, as always spread the love.

One note – I have removed the videos so that you can download them without melting your connection to the internet.


Keynote: How to Reach the 21st Century Mind – Using Multimedia in the Classroom to Impact Instruction

Breakout: (Thank you Lance!) Google Earth – Two Round Trip Tickets to Anywhere

Breakout: (Thank you Lance!) 50 Ways to use Discovery Education Streaming

Breakout: Building a Bigger Builder

Breakout: Creating a Digital Story in Less Than Two Minutes

Breakout: (Thank you Dennis!) PowerPoint Presentations That Pop!

Now even if you missed the day or live in another part of the world – you too can share in the knowledge – and isn’t that what it is all about folks?


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  1. Carole said:

    Matt – The link to Lance’s “50 Ways” presentation doesn’t seem to work. Can you check it please? Thanks for posting the files.

  2. Lynda said:

    Matt- Thanks for the great day! When I tried to view “50 Days”, all I could get were individual files and no Powerpoint Presentation. All of the other links worked great. I can’t wait to share all of this wonderful information with my teachers!

  3. Matt Monjan said:

    You bet! The PPT is there – it is the second attachment in the zip file. I had to zip everything together so that all of the links would work. Be sure to save all of the attachments in a folder so that you ppt works.


  4. Peggy Barger said:

    Yet another treasure trove from the DEN! JPeg say, “Thanks bunches Matt!”

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