Newbie Trivia Followed by Spring Fling this Wednesday

Since we ‘moved’ this week’s Wednesday Workshop to Tuesday, we’re gonna ‘play a little’ and ‘win a lot’!  That’s right folks!!!  I know that some of you were discussing ‘camping’ as a means to earn money in SL.  Well, we’ve got an offer you simply can’t refuse — come out and play a trivia game with our very own SL Game Host — Mr. Riptide Furse.  That’s right, if you attended the Newbie workshop last Wednesday and have brushed up on your menus you’ll be all set to win.  These are Linden dollars we’re talking about here folks for being quick of mind and nimble of finger (not only must you have the corrent answer, but you need to type like a maniac to beat out the rest of the participants).  Is it worth it?!?  ABSOLUTELY!!!  Anything beats sitting in a chair trying to earn a measly L$10 per hour or mopping floors in stores.

And the best part?  We’ll be going from the Newbie Trivia to the Spring Fling so get out your greenery…I mean, finery…Ladies, if you’re looking for something to wear and you’ve searched through your Inventory and simply can’t seem to get an outfit together then you might want to check out Simone’s.  She has an entire wall of dresses and gowns (albeit green ones) for a mere L$100.  You can find the store if you do a ^Search^ for Simone or you can teleport there at Simone (114, 162, 36).  Look for the wall full of green images.

OK….I’m off to hunt the leprechauns in-world!  Wish me luck at finding my pot of gold!


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