Save the Short Story

Recently, I took a look back at my notes from Dan Pink’s A Whole New Mind & instantly honed in on his thoughts about Storytelling: “The Conceptual Age can remind us what has always been true but rarely been acted upon- we must listen to each other’s stories and that we are each the authors of our own lives.” issue

With so much attention being given lately to the Digital Story (and rightfully so), I thought it fitting to pay homage to the Father, or Mother if you prefer 🙂 of the Digital Story- The written Short Story.

One Story is a non-profit literary magazine that features one great short story mailed to subscribers every three weeks. Their mission is to save the short story by publishing in a friendly format that allows readers to experience each story as a stand-alone work of art and a simple form of entertainment. As an interesting twist, they only publish a writer ONE TIME. This prevents them from relying on a stable of writers and helps them find new and exciting voices. Between September and June, all writers can submit their work.

I just ordered an 18 issue subscription for my mother-in-law for her birthday (I hope she likes it!) – I’m looking forward to reading her back issues.

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