Webinar, Hulu, Gizmoz and Google Earth

webex.png Tonight (Tuesday, March 11, 2008) I’m throwing a free webinar, sort of an EdTech 1.5 where I’ll update iPod, Google Earth, and Digital Editing on Windows stuff. Hit DiscoveryEd.webex.com, go to Event Center. Come on aboard, 4 Pacific. Time, 6 Central, 7 Eastern. Tomorrow, Hulu launches. This video site has 250 television series online–for free. “The Office, “The Simpsons, and movies, too. That should shake things up. A joint venture of RupertHulu Murdoch’s News Corp and NBC Universal (from whence Discovery’s CEO came). No need to recreate what Mark Hendrickson did well on his blog for the beta launch last October, so here’s the link. Go there after finishing my blog… It was invite only before, so the Hulu link won’t work yet, but try Hulu.com tomorrow. Hulu= Swahili for “Cease and desist”. A little legal humor there, I suspect. Things we’ll do tonight on the Webinar: Update you on Google Earth’sgigapxl.png Giga Pxl layer. Here you can zoom into hi-rez photos embedded in Google Earth, then fly around inside the photo. I’ll show you how to embed your own photos from the great DiscoveryEducationstreaming image library. Unbelievably neat for classrooms! We’ll also take control of the menu panel in an iPod (yes, you can turn it off so students only see what you show them). Finally, we’ll see how teachers added a Gizmoz avatar to narrate windows clips from DES. Sample below (hope it’s not blocked where you are!). Last picture on the left: DEN member Steve Glyer’s son spelled out the name of his girlfriend by jogging on the beach toGlyer 1 spell her name. A Garmin GPS watch tracked it, and it fits in a layer over the earth. Pricey watch, but a plus—easier to erase GPS tracks than tattoos. Avast! Avatars below, from Kurt Kohls, the emcee, and Brenda, the Egyptian (Brenda, send me your name! The photo blurred!)


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  1. Denise Thomas said:

    Hi Hall,
    It’s Denise Thomas. Wow! She made it to YouTube.

  2. Denise Thomas said:

    Hi Hall,
    Denise is the name. 🙂 Thanks for posting her on-line.

  3. dave kootman said:

    Hey Hall,
    I’ve had the Hulu beta invite for a while. It used to be great with tons more full episodes, but they cut it way down. For example there were seasons worth of Family Guy and now they only have 3 episodes :(. Still better than nothing and great quality.

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