It's a Wrap! Personal Learning Networks

2328117232_332ed3af32.jpgMarch is all about new things, right? Springtime, a fresh start — well, today you’re seeing a new blogger on the DEN in SL blog! What finer topic than the Personal Learning Networks workshop hosted last night at the DEN HQ?

The evening started off on shaky ground, as our presenter had to cancel at the last minute. Never fear, the DEN in SL Leadership Council jumped in to the rescue and pulled of a rather impressive impromptu forum on Personal Learning Networks. Approximately 30 people showed up and got involved in a discussion about personal learning networks. The discussion ranged from similarities in networks to differences in networks and then everyone who Twitters shared their Twitter names.

The excitement ramped up when everyone had to leave the sim for a rolling restart. This didn’t faze the fearless LC! They just moved everyone over to friendly ISTE where docent, Knowclue Kidd, was a fantastic hostess. After the discussion was over, several people regrouped back at the DEN HQ where discussions continued for some time.

All in all, it was another successful opportunity for educators to collaborate and network. What more can we ask for? Next time you are in-world, give Lor, Rip, and Beth a big pat on the virtual back!


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