Well Intentioned Paperwork

jasonlogo.gif Got to reconnect briefly with Jason Ohler at MACUL last week and sat in on his “Web 2.1 and the World Beyond Essays: Kids, Art the 4th R, and the World of Multimedia Collage” spotlight. I have always enjoyed Jason’s insights and especially like his big picture perspective on “media narrative and the Web 2.1 mediascape.” Out of all the great thoughts and stories he shared in that hour, “well intentioned paperwork” is still echoing in my brain. In the age of AYP remediation and especially in this season of standardized testing, this PhD college professor fondly remembered his 2nd grade teacher and a music teacher for setting him on a path of life long learning.



     So what will your students remember and keep close for the rest of their lives? A project that flipped on a light that rarely goes out? A story that made a point that resonates again and again? “Well intentioned paperwork?” I have also promised myself (a good intention no doubt) to finish reading at least one of Jason’s two books before I see him again.

Contest alert: Great Minds challenge videos are due by March 25th. Check the site to see what students have done to promote this year’s challenge on healthy living.



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