Discovery Atlas an Interactive Map

Have you seen Discovery Education’s Atlas? It is an interactive map based on the Discovery Channel’s landmark Atlas series. It has exclusive clips from that series and thousands of videos about countries ranging from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. Go to United Steaming. (Remember here in Alabama,  go through APT Plus. They are paying for United Streaming for all the educators in our state. Thank you APT Plus!) Click on Discovery Atlas Interactive Map on the right hand side of the page. Then, click Launch Atlas. Choose any country from the drop down list and then click any of the four topics to see your available clips on that topic. Be careful! This can be addictive. I found myself looking at countries all over the world. Very interesting.


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  1. Leslie said:

    I love the Atlas too! Thanks for reminding us about it.

  2. Audrey Fine said:

    I can’t wait to start using it next fall.

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