Live Green Teacher Grants


GM and Discovery Education Team Up to Award Teachers

Encouraging 21st century educators to LIVE GREEN—sustaining the planet’s resources, utilizing new conservation methods, reducing their carbon footprint and that of their students, their classrooms, their school—is at the heart of a new grant opportunity presented by GM and Discovery Education. By embracing new and emerging technologies and as stewards of the next generation, teachers are uniquely positioned to instill in their students excitement and optimism about the future of our planet.

How do I apply for a Live Green Teacher Grant?
Complete an application online at:

Who is eligible to apply for a Live Green Teacher Grant?
Public middle and jr. high school teachers who are 18 years of age and older and who are employed as teachers in accredited public middle and junior high schools in the United States containing any class with students from Grade 5 through Grade 9.

What types of ideas will be awarded Live Green Teacher Grants?
In general terms, winning grants will improve instruction, identify and show best practices, and enhance student achievement.

More specifically, Live Green Teacher Grants will be awarded to teachers who inspire their students to learn about and embrace green technologies – in support of “living green.”

This would be a GREAT opportunity for Michigan DEN members. Apply NOW!

Thanks, General Motors & Discovery Education!

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