Save the Date! Building Bridges Between RL and SL

This week, our Wednesday Workshop will be Building Bridges Between RL and SL with none other than Steve Dembo (Demb Oh in SL).

Pulling your favorite feeds into SL?  Instant messaging your RL friends from in world?  Send messages to your home area without even entering SL?  One of the wonderful things about second life is how many ways there are to connect in world activities to RL internet.  Come see some of the cutting edge ways to build bridges between SL and RL. The presenter will be using voice in SL.

You will not want to miss this workshop! If you need assistance getting voice set up, you should plan on arriving 10-15 minutes early so that one of our DEN Guides and/or Leadership Council members can assist you. The workshop will be at 5:00 SLT, which is 7:00 CST and 8:00 EST.


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