Conference/Professional Development Overload


Attend a conference lately? I have. In fact, last week felt odd because I wasn’t at a conference. FETC, Discovery National Conference, IL-TCE and MACUL all in the last month. At each conference I heard the same general comment, “I’m overwhelmed.” Conferences are great, you connect with peers from all over, learning the latest and greatest from experts in a variety of fields. However, many times it’s difficult to absorb what you learn in a day’s sessions and even harder to apply it back in you district or school. Is there a (easy)solution for this problem?

Tapping the power of the Discovery Educator Network. I want to see what you think first, always ask your network for advice. Please take the poll below and we’ll see if we can tackle this problem together. Knowing my network extends beyond the DEN, I’ll also reach out to my other networks MACULSpace, ICE and of course my twitterverse. I’ll keep this poll open through next Monday. Then, I’ll post possible solutions along with conferences where we’ll put these solutions to the test. I taught science, you’ll see this type of experimentation a lot from me.

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Can’t wait to see the results? I understand, view them here.


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