DE streaming Resources for Digital Storytelling

pdtrainerskit.jpgIt’s spring and many a teacher’s fancy turns to video projects once the standardized testing marathon and break are over. Discovery Education streaming is loaded with ideas and tutorials. So let’s take a look and find what’s lurking in the Professional Development area in the Trainer’s Toolkit. You will need to be logged in to your ‘streaming account to follow the links.
Digital Storytelling is a logical place to start.

Make the editing software as easy and transparent as possible in order to focus on the content.



Adobe Premiere Elements and a detailed walk through In Professional Development-> Project Demonstrations under Digital Editing
Interviewing Reagan is NOT just for Premiere Elements! That project encourages students to edit their questions into a President Reagan clip. You can mimic an interview or press conference with any historical figure by using archival footage or even still pictures with student voice over.

Nor is visiting Paris just for iMovie! Make a commercial for visiting a foreign country or even a planet with editable video and/or still pictures from ‘streaming resources. Follow the sun around the moon as you play 18 holes of golf and drive the ball six times further than you can can earth.


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