Even More Makin’ Movies with Joe Brennan

You know Joe, right?  If you have even a remote passing interest in Digital Stoyrtelling, then you surely know Joe.  He’s the author of our Digital Storytelling blog.  He’s the guru that has toured the country presenting the AFI series, Lights Camera Education!  And he’s also been the host of some of our most requested webinars.

Tomorrow you’ll have the chance to see Joe in action yourself!  He’s going to be hosting the latest in his Makin’ Movies series, covering some classic tips for making your students’ stories come alive along with some new ideas that are sure to stretch you to the limits.  If you’ve seen it before, it’ll be a great refresher, and if you haven’t then you’ll really be in for a treat.

Of course, this webinar costs the same as our other webinar offerings… FREE!  Tell a friend, bring a colleague, make your technology coordinator take an hour off and learn something new!

The webinar will begin at 5pm EST on Tuesday, March 18th.  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER


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