Big Day On EduIsland II This Saturday!

EduIsland II will be hosting their first annual “Open Day” this Saturday, March 22. Here’s the press release:

“Squirrelverse, the operator of the leading Second Life educational islands EduIsland II and Eduisland 5, is pleased to announce today that on Saturday 22 March 2008 the islands will be hosting their Annual Open Day.

Commencing at 10am PST with an opening ceremony by Community Manager Marty Grover (avatar Fleet Goldenberg in Second Life), the event will showcase the outstanding educator support centers and exhibitions that the EduIslands offer and unveil for the first time the next generation of innovative new features that will consolidate the reputation of the Islands as “The #1 Place for Living and Learning”. Special events that will be taking place on the day include:

  • A prize Easter Bunny Hunt to find the rabbits hidden around EduIsland II
  • A ‘Best Snapshot in Second Life’ competition to snap and submit an awesome picture of life in SL, the grand prize for which is free use of a huge office building on EduIsland II for the next twelve months!
  • The opening of ‘The Kennel’, our free-play amusement center and information point for 18 year old teens arriving into the adult SL from Teen Second Life.
  • The debut of the ‘Potential’ and ‘EduFutures’ exhibits. The former area demonstrates instructional philosophies for tapping your deeper hidden human potential and energies, whilst the latter area shows examples of what humanity can achieve once we access that potential.
  • Information about our forthcoming ‘Living and Learning League’, a program targeted at teenage and ‘tween’ youths that encourages kids to write essays based on our ‘Potential’ instructional philosophies and submit them to a safe moderated environment where they can receive moderated feedback on their work from others and earn points to place themselves on a competitive league leaderboard.
  • The beginning of our interactive Island Storyline and series of Quests, which bring the fun of videogaming to the world of learning!

EduIsland II and EduIsland 5 look forward to meeting current and new users on 22 March 2008. For further details, Instant Message ‘Fleet Goldenberg’ in Second Life.”


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