Is there anybody out there?

Just wanted to make a quick shout out to all the SC DEN members…and anyone else reading this 🙂

What have you done with Discovery OR technology & education lately? Comment here and let us know what is going on in your school/district.

I’ll start…

Last week, my district had a pre-conference event for SCASL 2008. We talked about Web2.0 tools. One site I highlighted was Blabberize. You can download an image from StreamlineSC, upload it to Blabberize, select the mouth or “talking” area of the image, and record your own voice. Then you play the blabber and the picture talks!! There are so many ways you could use this in the classroom.

-introduce a new topic/theme/lesson

-pose questions for your students

-allow students to record reports on this famous person

and more!

Leave us a comment so we know you are out there!  We miss hearing from ya!


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  1. MaryAnn Sansonetti said:

    Last week I presented on ways to use an iPod for something other than a music player. Believe it or not.. I don’t have music on my iPod. If you take a powerpoint and save the slides a .jpegs you can synce the slide images to your ipod!

  2. Kamela West said:

    I have SMART board in my classroom. And it has worked wonders in my instruction and my students are really engaged.
    My school is also requiring all teachers to post PodCast on our webpages.

  3. Jessica Donaldson said:

    Thanks to Dr. Terrence Cavanaugh who presented at FETC, I’ve been using Photo Story 3 to create book talks with students.

    After students read a book, they create a book talk (or a “book commercial” as the kids would say) using their own artwork, or images from StreamlineSC.

    I’ve also used the images from StreamlineSC for Voicethread.

  4. Katie Barringer said:

    I love the idea about Blabberize! I am going to have to try that! I use Audacity – a free audio editor and recorder – to help with fluency. My students will read a text into the microphone while it records on Audacity. The student can go back and listen to themselves read! Even sometimes, I record myself reading the text. They can listen to my reading of the text and then record themselves and compare. They really enjoy using it and I have seen much progress. 🙂

    Anyone going to the DEN Dinner on the 23rd?

  5. Brenda Branson said:

    I worked with 4 groups of 5th and 6th graders on how to download images from StreamlineSC and load them into a powerpoint for their presentations on environmental issues. We’re going to follow up with saving the ppt as a jpeg file and importing the slides into PhotoStory 3 and so they can then add their recorded narratives.

  6. Wendy Morris said:

    Webpages, Webpages, and more Webpages!! I have been trying to get teachers to use their webpage as a source of information for parents and students. Using the blog feature or message boards for two way communication. Creating interest with animated graphics. Trying to go paperless with United Streaming student center – writing prompts, activities and quizzes. Check out mine at or an exemplar at

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