Too… Many… Sites… Bring it all together with FriendFeed

I don’t know about you, but I bookmark things in, put my videos on YouTube, photos on Flickr, share my quick thoughts on Twitter, and then blog at Teach42 and here, and really that’s just the short list of where I’m maintaining a presence online.  It’s hard enough for me to keep track of, let alone my wife, parents or friends.

That’s I’m trying out FriendFeed right now.  It gives them one place to check to see what I’m doing across just about all of my social sites.   The end result is a steady stream of everything that I’m doing, as I’m doing it, regardless of the site.  You can also subscribe to other people’s FriendFeeds and see what’s going on amongst your friends all in one steady stream.  Of course, you can subscribe to those feeds via RSS, but I can see how that could get overwhelming really quickly.

I’m planning on passing the URL around to some of my non-Web2.0 friends to see if they actually visit it to keep up.  We’ll see what the results are in a few weeks.  But this could be a great way to bring a class blog page, Flickr account, YouTube account and bookmarks all together into one central location for parents to keep an eye on.

What do you think?  Have legs or just another flash in the pan?  There’s a few other competitors just waiting in the wings already!


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  1. Nitin Julka said:

    The biggest problem with FriendFeed, in my experience, is that you cannot follow people who do not have friendfeed accounts.

    I would extensively use it if I could follow all of my facebook friends, twitter friends, and friends THROUGH friend feed.

    Instead, I can only follow users of friendfeed or create a bunch of “virtual” friends.

    That is too cumbersome for me.

  2. jepcke said:

    A friend just sent me an invite to this site: Pulse. Sounds like it does much of the same thing as FriendFeed. I signed up for a Plaxo/Pulse ( account. Right now it is just one more thing for me to check. Will it become useful? Like you, the jury is still out.

  3. Eric said:

    Like you, I wanted one place to have all my forms of online presence in one location. I signed up for an account and so far so good. I’ll give it some time and see if makes life any easier.
    One question; How do I add my DEN blog or a service not listed?

  4. Denise said:

    This sounds like a God-send if it can live up to its rep. I am getting my feet drenched (as opposed to getting them “wet”) in the 21st century skills through my Wilkes classes. We are creating so many accounts to use and my memory is terrible. I think I am beginning to lose some of my sites. Thank you so much for offering all these great tools to help make educators’ lives easier and our classrooms more interesting and varied!

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