Where Did That Come From?

How do you keep track of all the resources you download from the web? The videos, the photos, the clip art, pdfs, etc. Maybe you start a word processing document and put the citation there. But that really takes time and can easily get separated from the resource. Here’s a very simple way.

Let’s use a Discovery Streaming video as an example. A nice feature in Discovery Streaming is that the citations are created for you. Just choose the format (MLA, APA, Chicago) that you want and copy it. Now click one time on the name of the downloaded video so that it is highlighted. Go to File/Get Info. This opens a window with a section called Spotlight Comments. Paste the citation right there! So simple. Now the citation stays with the video.


This works on all other documents also. But most sites do not create the citation for you. Either go to Citation Machine or Bib Me! to create your citation and paste it in or just copy the URL of the site from which you took the resource.

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