Earth Day 24-hour Webcastathon, April 22, 2008


What kind of Earth will your grandchildren’s grandchildren grow up in?

Act Locally; Share Globally! 

Come join the 24-hour long conversation about the health of our planet.  Participants will be from around the world. Special guests include local leaders, student environmental advocates, scientists, engineers, and people like you who are interested in helping to make the world safe and healthy for future generations.  Participation can occur anywhere there is an Internet connection!  

There are three Ways to Participate:

  1. Listen to the live show at  There are several ways to listen to the audio:  iTunes, Windows Media, Real Player, and Ustream.  Select the option that works best for your computer system.  Use the chat room to ask questions or communicate ideas to the special guests.  See tentative schedule on the attached flyer below.
  2. Create your own video or audio that can be played during the webcastathon.  Share how you are making a difference in your own community or any thoughts and ideas that you have about environmental issues.  Upload videos to youtube, teachertube, your blog or website.  Tag all content with earthcast08.  If you need help with the uploading or tagging process, contact Pam by leaving a comment. 
  3. Add an an audio, video, or text comment to the EarthDay Webcastathon VoiceThread at    

Please help spread the word!  Distribute this flyer to all your contacts who may be interested:   


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