Gentle Reminder — Wednesday Workshop on March 26th

Don’t forget!  ESPECIALLY those of you who attended the ‘Your Inventory is NOT Your Junk Closet’ workshop!  Tomorrow evening we’ll be taking the next step with our inventory control (are you reading this Riptide?!?!?  LOL) and learning how to ‘Build It and Box It’.  You’ll learn how to build a container to ‘store’ all your seasonal/non-essential/clutter from your Inventory to reduce its size and speed up the loading of your objects into your inventory.

The notecard and notice that was sent out stated that there would be a shopping spree prior to the evening’s workshop, however, that will not be happening.  Meet up is in the sandbox (since we need to ‘build’) outside of DEN in SL’s HQs.

See ya then!


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