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If you study Ancient Egypt with your students, you’re going to want to block off April 6th on your calendar. The Discovery Channel will be broadcasting a marathon of great shows, including two brand new programs that promise to be captivating.

8pm e/p
For over 200 years, Egypt has been home to some of the greatest discoveries the world has ever seen. Through the application of scientific analysis, modern archaeology takes us beyond these finds and unlocks their hidden secrets. Guardian of Egypt’s Antiquities Dr. Zahi Hawass and a team of leading archaeologists have selected the ten most important discoveries. Taken together, they will paint a complete picture of the Ancient Egyptian civilisation.

From major battles, to mega-construction, to religion and magic, the discoveries uncover the exotic and complex story of the lives of kings, queens and thousands of ordinary people, and decode their extraordinary achievements. Through this analysis, our experts will reveal the people who developed many of the architectures, beliefs and
disciplines that rule the modern world today.

This show will be followed by:

10pm e/p
The fall of Ancient Egypt, some 4,000 years ago, has long baffled the world. How could such a powerful Empire collapse so entirely? Was it political infighting that brought it to its knees? Was it invading Arab armies that killed the last great Dynasty? Now, scientists have developed a new theory and it’s a chilling prophecy for our own time. Was the great empire of Egypt destroyed by Global Warming?


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    Is the Ancient Egypt program broadcasting on April 6th appropriate for second and third grade students?
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