I'll have the wings with a side of … TECHNOLOGY!

The South Carolina DEN is blossoming in spring!

Come on out and celebrate spring with your fellow DEN members on Wednesday, April 23rd. We will be meeting in Columbia during the Spring SCeTV workshops. DEN members should have already received an invitation, which includes dinner and non-alcoholic beverages. That’s right- nothing brings educators together like free food!

ALL RSVP’s must be made by April 19!

Be sure to let us know if you’re going to be there. Send us an email: sc.den.leaders@gmail.com and while you’re at it, let EVERYONE know by posting a comment on the blog!


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  1. Jessica Donaldson said:

    I’ll be there! And can’t wait to blog about it, I might add.

    I wonder if the restaurant has the good spoons- ya know, like the ones you can balance on your nose….

  2. Robin Salonich said:

    Unfortunately, there was a misprint on the JV soccer schedule..game is tonight not tomorrow…Enjoy! I will be “soccering”.

    However, I am really enjoying the sessions at SCETV this week!

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