NSTA Boston: Science Fair Season with Elmer's

Thanks for joining us for a great session.  Post a comment with your own tip or trick for taking the stress out of science fair season.  Include your email just in case you’re one of the lucky educators to win an Elmer’s labcoat.


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  1. Heather said:

    This workshop was great. Thanks Lance. I especially liked the idea about looking for environmental and community organizations/agencies that we can go to for outside sources and mentors. In our district we have a science showcase at the beginning of the school year that is a great jumpstart to science fair planning. Each school sends one project and an individual or team of students to share the project with other schools. The rest of the school then has an example of what a good project might look like.

  2. Toro Aladesuyi said:

    Your presentation was great, it was humourous and very helpful. I raised my hand to share about applying for grants.

  3. Meghan LaFlamme said:

    A suggestion might be to allow kids to deleop science fair questions inspired by mythbusters. Kids love the show and were excited about this opportunity.
    Would you suggest a single class science fair or should it be bigger to get kids involved more? Do you have any more suggestions for motivating students to want to participate in the science fair?

  4. nikki bonaventura said:

    WE have an afterschool science fair club to assist the children interested in doing a project but lack home support.

  5. ofelia mckenzie said:

    First of all, I am the one without a computer because my husband overused it and it burned up.

    My tip for taking the stress out is to start planning very early and assign lots of people to do the work. If everyone does a little bit of paperwork and each teacher/parent helps one student. The main person in charge won’t be scrambling to do everything such as scheduling, set-up diagrams, getting judges, typing newsletters, etc…

    Secondly, make it an activity that promotes “fun” as opposed to “competition.”


  6. Julie said:

    Along the lines of “DonorChoose” there is a site at http://www.iloveschools.com. (I don’t think it’s a .org, my bookmarks are on my home computer) Anyhow, similarly, you put in a profile of your class and anything and everything you can think of in terms of supplies that you might need. Donors can then choose to send you one, or more, or your requested items. I’ve received tons of spiral notebooks, pencils, pens, binders, etc. Science fair materials could be listed as well as a request for $$ to purchase them. I’ve received three donations through this site already.

    Also, tap your local grocery store. Our local market provides wonderful mini-sandwiches and snacks to feed the judges as well as a continental style breakfast at no charge to us. All I had to do was ask if they’d help and they stepped up to the plate!

    Great workshop and many thanks to all attendees for their great suggestions and resources!

  7. Laura Espinosa said:

    The workshop for science fairs was fantastic! I have found that explorelearning.com has a free 30 day trial and has a number of investigations to try out with the ability to change variables, etc. It is a great virtual lab and can be used as an engagement or a review. Check it out!

  8. Brunilda Camacho said:

    Hi! My name is Brunilda Camacho. This is my first time attending the NSTA Conference and so far it has been a wonderful experience! I had the priviledge of attending the workshop with Lance “Science Fair Central: A Survival Guide for Teachers” and it was so encouraging and enlightening. My collegue and I traveled from the Virgin Islands and were very motivated with the presentation. I thank you for such a wonderful presentation. I hope many teachers have the opportunity to attend the workshop. As a classroom teacher there are two things that I usually do to motivate the students in participating and working hard in presenting their projects. First we plan an after party; this can be something as simple as a pizza party for all the participants after the fair. The students want to be sure they are part of this affair and they try their best. Also, I try to assist the students in as much as I can to make this presentation a successful one for them. We usually cut letters as a group during our lunch period or brainstorm as a group on attrative titles for their projects. This gives them a feeling of confidence and they usually perform better. Thank you once again for a wonderful session. I look forward to future presentations.

  9. Reta Berry said:

    For students that have difficulties talking about their projects, I would suggest they video tape themselves practicing their presentations. They can use it to fine tune their speech.
    Great session!

  10. Alan Sorum said:

    Great presentation on science fair planning!

  11. Lance Rougeux said:

    Get with your community hardware store to provide products or setting up science fair.

    Sciencebuddies.org – Students are able to put in their interests and narrow down to a specific topic with instructions.

    Maximizing tax payers dollars by collaborating with government officials.

    Barnes and Nobles will set up a display with science fair ideas.

    Have students develop their own interest question/problem and then have them seek out community resources (ex: soil, water, power plant).

  12. Detra R. Conner said:

    The presentation was wonderful! I thought it was going to be too long, however, it wasn’t long enough. I would have loved to hear some more great titles and projects from the crowd. Great work Lance keep up the awesome work and I look forward to the next presentation.


  13. Windsor Wimbish said:

    Wonderful presentation Lance! I enjoyed the workshop. You gave some wonderful resources that I can use immediately in my classroom.

    Don’t forget about the lab coat.


  14. LaShunya S. Sanders said:

    The presentation was very informative. My parents and students always have a rough time finding common language sites to help with Science projects. We actually used Elmer’s display boards this year. Hope to see you next year.

  15. Jarelis Abrew said:

    This was my favorite session at the NSTA Conference. Kudos to Lance, Discovery, and Elmers. Here is a site that has a lot of information that the students can access as they are going through the science fair process.


    Good Luck!

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