Come on a Tour of Lighthouses this Saturday

Southern Georgia, a proud member of DEN, invites you to explore lighthouses on different sims here in Second Life.  Get ready for a wonderful experience!

Notecards will be passed out which have all the landmarks (LMs) in order from start to finish.  In the notecards are more notecards the owner/creator has shared with Southern. They describe the house and sims.  Southern will be voice enabled and will be conducting the tour using voice.  We will be spending approximately 5-10 minutes at each lighthouse sim.  The purpose of the tour is to introduce you to the sims, but we will not have time to explore all it has to offer.  Each sim will be explored for about 10 minutes after which time Sourthern will let tour members know that the tour will be leaving the sim.  You can click on the LM to teleport (TP) yourself to the next sim. 

So please come and join the tour group at the DEN in SL this Saturday, 11:00 am SLT, 2:00 p.m. EST).

While touring please take LOADS of photographs and send them to me at, subject line: Lighthouse Pics and I’ll include them in a follow-up post.


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