AFI Gives Teachers a Free Ticket

I just learned from Texas Leadership Council Chair, Linda Rush, that teachers can get FREE tickets to any of the AFI Film Festival screenings that begin before 6:45 p.m.
only Monday-Friday at the following theaters in Dallas: Angelika, Magnolia or North Park.  You must bring a school ID and this is for the day of the show purchase.
If someone wants to buy an additional ticket at the theaters, for others, the cost is $8.50. If you buy the tickets at Box Office at Victory Park, the price is $5.00. The general admission price of any AFI Dallas Film Festival is $2.00 off if you bring in two cans of non-perishable food.

Otherwise, you can post a comment to the prior blog (or this one) about the film festival and you will receive two free passes. Hurry so you can get your passes before the end of the festival!


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  1. mindy said:

    What a great incentive to get teachers to attend the event.
    I also like the fact that they are collecting the non perishable items – anotehr great incentive to go!

  2. mindy said:

    My favorite way to use technology is to have my Life Skills students use their buttons or switches to answer questions and/or communicate with peers. I have even had students in the school record the responses on the switch, which is fun for both students and gets more socialization in the process.

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