Latest Google Docs features

Google logoIf you are using Google Docs (and Spreadsheets and Presentations…) you’ll be happy to hear about some of their latest changes and additions.  Some of the cool ones are the ability to create forms and have people fill them out.  Then when they are updated you can view the data in your aggregator.  Some people may already be doing this with Zoho‘s online office suite.  You can also have email notifications sent to you when collaborators edit your documents.  There are lots of other cool features, such as the ability to insert new images and shapes.  There are way too many changes to list, but check out this list and see for yourself if anything interests you.  And by the way, if you are not currently using an online office suite, you are seriously missing out 🙂   Happy typing!



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    This sounds fun! I would like to attend this event, but received a black screen when I tried to look at the flyer and information.

    I was hoping that someone could help me.

    Darla Johnston

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