Have you seen Hall?

Last week, Hall was a featured speaker at the Palm Beach Technology Conference. It seems there was some controversy during his famous Google Earth presentation, Staggeringly Good Things Mixing Google Earth and Media. A teacher in the audience asked how often the maps in Google Earth were updated. Hall responded that he wasn’t sure, but he knew an easy way to check. He zoomed in on Palm Beach and focused in on the conference site. After asking for a volunteer to keep hitting ‘refresh’ on his computer, Hall instructed to the audience to watch the screen for him waving. Then he disappeared from the room.

That was the last time anybody has seen Hall. The grounds were searched, but there was no sign of Hall. We have contacted other conferences and workshops in the area, but he hasn’t shown up there either. His wife, Gina, has been reported to be fairly unconcerned. “While I do prefer to know where he is, Hall has been known to disappear for months at a time. Once he actually vanished for 13 months straight. But when he returned home, he had some fantastic video of various toilet bowls flushing in Australia. Did you know the water spins in the opposite direction as it does here?”

File photo of Hall Davidson

Authorities have checked his blog, discussion boards, Facebook, MySpace, and even his Twitter page. To date, no further information has been found. Frankly, we here at Discovery Education are starting to get a little concerned. While we are sure his is healthy and safe, he is scheduled for a webinar next week and we’re not sure he has the login information for it.

If you are at a conference, institute day, workshop, Day of Discovery, or seminar and you happen to see Hall, can you please alert us as soon as possible at whereshall@discovery.com.

Also, please tell him that his audience is still in Palm Beach, faithfully clicking refresh and watching for him in Google Earth. They’re getting pretty tired, but nobody wants to leave until they receive the link to the electronic handouts that were promised at the beginning of the presentation.



  1. Teryl Magee said:

    ROLF~I thought saw his eye on Twitter the other day. Could be wrong though. Maybe it was my imagination!

  2. Kim Randall said:

    The timestamp on twitter must be off, cause we thought he was suppose to back by now. Hhmmm. Where in the world could he be? I know I saw him in the Bahamas last summer, cause I took the picture above! 😉 Maybe he’s still there filming the hat lady…

  3. Denise Thomas said:

    I went looking for Hall. See my journey on my blog-Techie Thomas

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