Hit a Homerun With the DEN


spring training board





There are two great things happening that we want to make you aware of. The first is that next Wednesday, April 9th at 11 am est DEN will be hosting a webinar for teachers and students featuring America’s Army and the Rise of the Video Games. It will be a really exciting webinar for everyone, especially students, so please spread the word. Please read the blog post to learn more about it.

The second is that it’s Spring Training. While you can only root for your favorite baseball team (GO SOX!!!), you can play for the DEN team. This year the DEN coaches are scouting talent for the All-STAR team as well as looking for some new prospects to join the DEN squad. You have a couple ways to impress the coaches during DEN Spring Training and earn some DEN gear.

1. Renegotiate Your Contract

2. Recruit a Rookie

3. Help Your Region Win the Pennant

4. Help Your State Win a Chance to Meet a Real “Hall” of Famer

Check out the National Blog for more information on how you can join the All-STAR team.


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