Batter UP!

The latest DEN event couldn’t be more relevant to the great state of Arizona, home to Spring Training!  Let’s get those email addy books out, fire off some IM’ s and blog away to grow our AZ DEN!!!  Here is how it all works…

DEN Spring Training is back! This year the DEN coaches are scouting talent for the All-STAR team as well as looking for some new prospects to join the DEN squad. You have a couple ways to impress the coaches during DEN Spring Training and earn some DEN gear.

Renegotiate Your Contract
Every year STAR Discovery Educators are asked to report at least two events they have conducted in the past school year in order to have their contracts renewed for the following season (i.e., maintain STAR status for next school year). Give your agent some additional leverage to land you a big contract by reporting more than two events.

water bottleAny STAR DE who reports at least three events for the time period of September 1, 2007 through June 6, 2008 will receive a DEN Water Bottle as a signing bonus.

What is an event?

Click here to report your events.

Recruit a Rookie
We’re always looking for new prospects who can throw a 90 mph fastball or embed a DE streaming video into PowerPoint. If you help us find a rookie sensation, we’ll hook you up with some new DEN gear.

den teeAny STAR DE who recruits a new STAR Discovery Educator before June 6, 2008 will receive a DEN baseball jersey. Note: The STAR DE you recruit must have his/her contract officially signed by June 6, 2008 (i.e., he/she must complete all parts of the application process by June 6).

Help Your Region Win the Pennant
Our DEN Account Manager, Justin Karkow, is looking to you to help them bring home the pennant for your region. The DEN Manager whose region has the most new STAR recruits during DEN Spring Training will win the coveted Discovery Educator Network Louisville Slugger straight from the factory in Kentucky.

State Challenge
hall The state with the most STAR Discovery Educators recruited during DEN Spring Training will receive a Day of Discovery featuring Hall “of Famer” Davidson and other major leaguers from the DEN team.

In summary…

  • Report at least 3 events and earn a DEN water bottle
  • Recruit a new STAR and earn a DEN baseball jersey
  • Help your DEN Manager win the pennant by recruiting new STARs
  • Get Hall and the DEN team to host a Day of Discovery in your state by recruiting the most new STARs

Good luck! If you have any questions, please feel to have your agent contact us.

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