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  1. Kathy Marks said:

    Dennis: I went to the website you suggested to find directions for some the “8days a week” ideas you presented at NSTA workshop. I’m sure I’m just missing it because being of that older generation, I try harder but still fall short of keeping up with you kids when dashing through cyber space. Thanks for any help you can send my way.
    Kathy Marks
    biology teacher
    Plymouth South High School
    Plymouth MA

  2. Dennis Swain said:


    I’m glad you could attend the NSTA workshop. My colleague Lance presented that day, but I was there helping out. One day I’ll be able to present that well : ), but I do have a quick tip to easily connect your classes with digital media on a daily basis.

    The Calendar on Discovery Education streaming is available as soon as you login to the site, and click to enter streaming.

    I posted instructions on my blog for those that want to learn more, but it is a great way to quickly engage students with digital media. I’ve met teachers that open class each morning with the Calendar tool, and get a great reaction from their students! Please feel free to contact me if you or anyone else needs help with this feature.

    Dennis Swain
    Account Manager, Discovery Educator Network

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