No More Mr. Nice Guy!

The following post is from our Oh-so-brilliant-and-talented Regional Team Leader, Matt Monjan ūüėČ

Did you know that we launched our Spring DEN Promotion? Since it is spring time and the Mets and Yankees, have already started to crack their bats we thought we’d do the same with our DEN Stars!382573271_m.jpg‚ÄĚ cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

You guys are part of the Mid-Atlantic Region team – the very best team in all the land. Right now we are in a tight pennant race with the other regions from around the country – and guess what we’re winning! Check out our progress by going here. You can read more about our team by reading about us on the DEN Spring Training 2008 blog. And, even better, leave a comment to root the team on!

To help us continue our winning streak I need your help. Please make sure that you log into and visit the Discovery Educator website. Then, if you haven’t had a chance to record your event make sure you do so.

But, even better, make sure that you help sign up three or more of your colleagues to become DEN Stars. We blew everyone out of the water last week but this week my colleagues have been talking lots of trash – I want to leave them no opportunity to do that next week – that’s right – No more Mr. Nice guy – other regions ūüôā

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