Our Turn to Hit a Homer!

Okay, Texas, this is our chance to hit one out of the ballpark! We’ve been taking it easy and giving everyone a chance to steal a couple of bases – but now’s the time to step up to the plate! (cough, cough) – sorry for the really bad puns!

Seriously, y’all, we need to get out there and do some recruiting! It’s easy – isn’t the DEN the greatest thing since baseball? I mean, we get all this great collaboration with educators all over the world, we get awesome webinars for those of us who proudly consider ourselves webinerds, we get cool giveaways and professional development that cannot be matched! To top it all off – what does it cost? Nothing! It’s free! We don’t have to sign our lives away, we don’t have to pay annual membership fees, and if we get to go to an institute, the cost is minimal and Discovery puts us up in nice digs, feeds us, entertains us, and teaches us more in the first ten minutes than we could have hoped to learn the entire week at home!

Come on, people, get out there and get those STARs signed up. Also, don’t forget to report your events. They not only help Texas standings, they also will enable you to keep your STAR status! If you haven’t read about the DEN Spring Training 2008 promotion, visit the national blog for details!


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  1. Beth Weeks said:

    I am getting the word out now to teachers in my two schools!!! Anyone else getting the recruiting started???

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