Woke up Smelling of Camel

Still in Dubai.  Some members of our ISTE group got bumped off their critically oversold flight last night.  We’ll see what happens to me late tonight… Woke up smelling of camel, since we took an offroad adventure out into the desert last night.  The desert is deeply beautiful and the sand has so much more depth of color and light than pictures show.  A light breeze rose from the sea, and it was a fantastic night.  The off-dune  experience was a recreation of bedouine life, although they probably don’t think of it that way.  Truly crazed drivers four-wheeling it over dune in a caravan of speeding, reckless, Toyota landcruisers.  It is the emirate way (next day, they listed the victims of traffic accidents–by groups–in the paper).. Yow!  The cars are covered with carpet because so many people lose their lunch.  We ate a desert encampment, then returned home on an equally insane route.  A balanced end to a day that began with snow skiing indoors.  More on that later.  KILLS me I can’t get images from my camera to this blog.  So, I’ll refer you to Darcy Hardy’s blog (she’s with the University of Texas system).  It’s blocked here, so I can’t give you a link, but Google her.  It’s “It’s alright seriously.blog.blogspot.com” or something like.  I have NOT reviewed any of the images there, so remember that Darcy is very good with PhotoShop.  None of those pictures with me are real.  (Darcy, I will kill you if anything untoward is there….:))  She’s with their distance learning unit, so it should be fine.  Finding lots of folks here that love Discovery and Discovery Education Streaming.  Naturally.   If only they had Olympus camera cables….  Have to run.  Being taken as a guest to the world’s only seven star hotel.  I’ll let you know if it matches the bar set by indoor snow skiing  (“hey, let’s put a mountain in this building and freeze it in the desert!”).   12 hour time difference from home.  What’s my name again…?  🙂

More later.     PS  iChatted with my daughter in the lobby of the conference center, listening to Arabic music on my iPod.  She sent me pics of a saris to buy.   In real time, in front of the store.   These damn digital natives.  Her Photobooth video background of the desert was virtual, mine was real.  I won, this time.   – Hall


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  1. Nancy said:

    Hmmmmm…..you need a fashionista on the trip with you (ME!!! ME!!! LOL) If you were able to purchase a ‘sari’ in ‘Dubai’, please let me know as this would be Pulitzer Prize winning news since ‘saris’ are traditionally ‘Indian’. LOL

  2. Denise Thomas said:

    Hmmmm! This puts you out of the country. ‘Sari’ in Dubai? Hmmmmm! Smelling of camel yet went off roading with landcruisers. Yeah!

  3. Denise Thomas said:

    I GOOGLEd Darcy Hardy and got your blog as a site. Funny.

  4. Janet said:

    You tell great stories, Hall. Did your camel behave or did you have to use your expert camel negotiating skills to navigate among the dunes?

  5. Martha Thornburgh said:

    I went on a 7 day camel safari in the Samburu region of Kenya while teaching in Nairobi. Quite the experience. Camels are not very pleasant creatures. Have fun and keep soaking in all those great memories.

  6. Marie Coleman said:

    What a fantastic experience! Thanks for sharing with us – I can almost taste the sand in my mouth! 🙂 Look forward to seeing those digital images when you get stateside.

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