Earth Day with voicethread & Discovery Education streaming

Planet Earth

The World is Just Awesome!!

Lets not trash it, heat it up or waste it. Look around you. Look around class, the school, the community and your own home. How can you make a difference? Get a little info by watching, reading and listening to the media below and other people. Then share your thoughts. The only wrong answer, is no answer.

I created an assignment in Discovery Education streaming for Earth Day, April 22. I also incorporated the use of a great site, If you haven’t heard of it check out the assignment below by clicking on the link.

Teacher Printable Version: Earth Day streaming and voicethread assignment

Student link to Assignment (must have Discovery Education streaming) Shoot me an email with “Earth Day” in the subject. Include your Discovery Education streaming username and I’ll send you the link.

Direct VoiceThread link.

5 minute Jing: An quick video overview of VoiceThread.

Extension Hands-on: Trash sorting Lab
Never heard of it? It’s simple. Collect trash for a few days. (Important: No animal by-products! Don’t want to send anyone to the emergency room. Plant material perfectly ok, but put that left over pot roast in Fido’s bowl or simply another trash bag) Bring trash bag into school and have students sort it. You can give them sorting categories or even better have them come up with their own. Also throw in some process skills here, how do you measure how much? Let them figure it out.
Main Point: A lot of trash, well just isn’t. How much(grams, volume, other) needs to go to the landfill?
Extension Media:
Got DE Streaming Plus? Have them watch a Planet Earth segment. The world rocks. Any will do, but “The Future” one is on topic. Don’t have DE Streaming PLUS.

Psst!! You can become a STAR Discovery Educator and get it for free through the end of this school year. No really, just another benefit of being a STAR. Find out how here.


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  1. Marlene Weaver said:

    This is still a great assignment you created for Earthday back in 2008. Earthday 2010 is not far away. I am planning to try it with my students this year.

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