Project Bud

This looks like a great collaborative project- I’m going to get me environmental science class involved:

Project Budburst

Project BudBurst

Project BudBurst Project BudBurst invites citizen scientists to join in a field campaign to study the timing of life cycle events of native tree and flower species across the country. This valuable information can be compared to historical records to illustrate the effects of climate change. Last year’s inaugural event drew thousands of people of all ages taking careful observations of the phenological events. As a result of the pilot field campaign, data collected can be used by scientists to learn about the responses of individual plant speciesto climatic variation locally, regionally, and nationally. The 2007 campaign garnered enthusiastic response and robust participation, so they’ve extended the project to year!

Projects like this a are a really great way to run authentic experiments with our students and to show them that, together, we really CAN make a difference 🙂

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