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Attend two days of intensive professional development, June 1-3, 2008, at the world headquarters of Discovery Communications, LLC where you will learn all there is to know about fully utilizing the resources in Discovery Education streaming.

The Discovery Education National Training Academy is designed to provide you with the training, resources and tools you need to return to your school or district and provide ongoing support and professional development to your colleagues.

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The training academy will feature an opening keynote address from Hall Davidson.

The Revenge of the Digital Immigrants: Teaching with Media Technology
What veteran teachers suspected the research has proved: 21st Century students are different. With different attention spans, higher IQ test scores, and social networks, their sophistication comes earlier-with a different skill set. There is a silver lining: We can teach this “New Brain” more effectively, more efficiently, more engagingly. We have the technology! Media has evolved and education must evolve to match.

Hall Davidon

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