Discovery Connect Webinar – The Rise of The Video Game Featuring The America's Army

Not too long ago the Discovery Channel aired a series called The Rise of the Video Game. The series featured the America’s Army game

We thought it would really cool to develop a Discovery Connect Webinar around that theme and Wow what an amazing, interactive and jam packed webinar that was!

This morning over 1000 students, teachers and administrators from around the country got a unique behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to create a video game from start to finish.

The session was led by Subject Matter Experts, Phillip Bossant and Mike Barnett. Phillip is the executive producer of the America’s Army PC game that is played by more than nine million registered users around the world. Phillip is based in Emeryville, CA located near San Francisco. Mike is the Chief Engineer Mike Barnett who oversees the development of military simulations that use the America’s Army game technology. Mike is based at Redstone Arsenal in Alabama.

Together Phil and Mike shared photos and stories with students. They answered questions and heard comments like:

  • What are the best colleges to go to if you want to get into the video game industry?
  • Where are the areas that you simulate in real life?
  • How many people do you have working on a single game?
  • It’s amazing how real everything looks!
  • My kids thought the pictures were of the “real deal”

But just in case you weren’t able to join us this morning -we’ve got you covered. We recorded the event and you can experience it by clicking on this link: Discovery Connect Webinar – The Rise of the Video Game

As mentioned in the previous post The DEN also took two very lucky classes on field trips. Those students got to experience the simulations and motion capture suits first-hand!

To see pictures of the students put on motion capture suits and be put into a game in Emeryville, CA check out this link – Students in Emeryville, CA

To check out photos of the ROTC class that got to visit Redstone Arsenal in Alabama and play with the simulators check out this link: Students at Redstone Arsenal

You can also see video of both classes as well as video of the mechanisms that they got to simulate by checking out the files attached to this blog!

Emeryville Video

Redstone Arsenal Video

A big THANK YOU to Mike and Phillip for showing us what it takes to be a game developer and letting us experience your world.

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  1. Teryl Magee said:

    Thanks for hosting the webinar…my kids loved it, especially the boys. They were way into it and will be stoked that their quote is posted on your blog Matt! BTW their’s is the “real deal” quote! : )

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