Is print not enough?

I’ve been noticing a pattern in my reading over the last few years.

I love reading magazines and other periodicals. There are just so many new ideas, inventions and news all the time; it’s tough to keep up. I do my best with paper periodicals, but it never seems to satisfy me. Then it hit me… I can’t seem to read any magazines without having my laptop nearby! Almost every article I read has a link somewhere to find more info. This info usually comes in the form of videos, documents and other resources, further links, archives and even advertisements. I couldn’t even read the latest teaching magazine without looking up several links listed in the paper version! Of course the situation gets worse when I pick up the latest issue of PC World or Wired Magazine. I guess I’m an information junkie.

Am I alone in feeling powerless when I read a magazine without the ability to satisfy my literary appetite with a computer? What does this mean for today’s true digital natives? Is print going out with the typewriter that our students don’t even recognize?

“When I was young, we used to have these big “paper” messes called “newspapers.”

“Wow, Grandpa!”

Yet for some reason, I still refuse to read purely online magazines and hold tight to my paper. Nothing like a book on the beach or a magazine on an airplane. I guess some things die hard.

~Dave Kootman


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  1. Denise Thomas said:

    I attended a meeting yesterday and purposely left my laptop at home. During a twenty minute break I pulled out a pencil and a folder containing a survey I was editing. A fellow tech person asked me was I doing classwork. I responded “No”. She then told me to put the work away and relax-“you need to learn to relax”. I was a little confused after she told me this. Most of the people in the room, including this person, were checking their mail, completing projects or just messing with something on their laptop. Why was I different and not relaxed? I enjoyed working with pencil and paper. I enjoyed reading text on paper not on a screen. We need to put it away sometimes and enjoy print on paper. Thanks for writing this blog.

  2. Sue said:

    Hi, my name is Sue. I am an information junkie. This isn’t so much about print, but radio and TV as well. It doesn’t matter what the source of the initial item — I have to go to the computer and look it up. When I’m in the car, I keep a notebook nearby to keep track of what I’m supposed to remember to look up. Think there might be a twelve step program?

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