Macomb ISD “Advanced DE streaming” Webinar

Webinar A huge thank you to all that participated in the webinar this afternoon.  Great group with great questions and I look forward to working with them as Discovery Educator Network STAR members, as they are all logging on now and registering.  (here’s the link in-case you’ve misplaced it)    I have to give a shout out to Frank Miracola with the Macomb ISD and my teammate  Matt Monjan, without their work today’s  webinar would not have been possible.  Matt’s work on the streaming A-Z blog is jam packed full of DE streaming tips and tricks, including information from today’s “The Rise of The Video Game” webinar.  The “Earth Day” assignment can be found here, on the Digital Passport’s blog.  This blog is all about web2.0; specifically web2.0 apps we find useful for educators.   The assignment incorporates VoiceThread, the site we discussed during the webinar and incorporated into the Writing Prompt.   Below you will find links to the powerpoint, the entire archived webinar from today and a quick, 5 minute overview of voicethread.  I’ve also placed links for some powerpoint sharing websites other than slideshare

 Building a Bigger Builder 

 PowerPoint Presentation


Archived Entire Webinar 

Macomb ISD Advanced DE streaming Webinar 04/09/2008 


 5 Minute VoiceThread Overview

Quick video overview using Jing on alternatives 


Remember if you have any questions please contact me and if you’re in the Macomb area, look for more information from Frank Miracola for a professional development opportunity in August. 


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  1. Matt Monjan said:

    Wow thanks for the Shout Out Mike! I love your blog posting and am totally going to check out your alternatives!

  2. Esther Sherizen said:

    Great resources!! I loved connecting with my Macomb County peers in this webinar. I am going to become a STAR this evening. Some of my students created iMovies last year about current events in our school. I will share these. Let’s keep this up!! WIth the high price of gas and the comforts of home, this is a wonderful way to connect.

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