DEN Spring Training: Recruiter’s Form

den teeFor those of you who have been scouting out new talent for the DEN team, let us know who you’ve recruited by completing the DEN Spring Training Recruiter’s Form.
At the end of spring training we will check to make sure that your new recruit has completed all parts of the application process (online portion and event report) and is officially a STAR DE. At that point, we will send out jerseys. This will most likely take place in late June. Remember, simply completing this form does not guarantee that you will receive a DEN baseball jersey. Your recruit must officially be a STAR DE by June 6, 2008.  Good luck!


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  1. Martha Snider said:

    Heidi Burri is my new DEN Star here in Lodi Unified School District. Heidi has been a local active CA Den member for two years. Her claim to fame is content building: creating a topic folder, adding DE clips, formulating writing prompts, enhancing quizzes, and compiling everything into assignments. Not only have these content folers been shared at her two subscribing school sites, they have also been shared throughout our Lodi DEN.

  2. Lorie Ferguson said:

    I taught a class (that I created) for Aurora University, Aurora, IL on Discovery Ed Streaming and integrating it into the curriculum. The final activity was for the class of teachers – 26 of them, to join to become STAR DEN members. I know at least one of them made it!

  3. Traci Blazosky said:

    My recruit has completed the steps to become a STAR… I’ve been working on him since Pete&C. 🙂 He is already an active DEN member, so I’m excited that, with his busy schedule, he has finally taken it to the next level!

  4. Dave Solon said:

    Shout out to my new recruit: Mardy McGaw, librarian at Conestoga Valley Middle School!


    She’s actually been training teachers in United Streaming for several years now – I finally convinced her to get some credit for it. 😉

  5. Sandy Prigger said:

    I am very proud to introduce Cynthia VanTine as a new den member. She also teaches at Truman Middle school and we have been working together for years.
    Sandy Prigger

  6. Patti Harris said:

    Welcome to 28 new members from Vernon Middle School. (Did you see the list on this week’s newsletter?)I’m so excited about the energy at our school. When we presented the info about becoming a STAR educator, our teachers all jumped on board… What a wonderful group of dedicated educators. I’m so proud to work with them… Best of all, our students will reap the benefits!!

  7. Kathy Schiano said:

    Congrats to Marilyn Corillo of Va Beach for joining Discovery,
    She was so excited she attended the Day of Discovery in Va Beach last week and loved it!

  8. Linda Berryhill said:

    Cangrats to my recruited DEN Star member Scotti Horn of Garlnd ISD Texas. I am so excited about her joinging. She just happens to be my extra super teammate of 11 years!!!

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