A two day whirlwind in Bucks County, PA

This week I had the distinct pleasure of visiting Bucks County, PA and do a few presentations. A few? Make that 7 in two days! Between a Day of Discovery for nearly 200 educators, a community night for 80+ parents, and then three high school assemblies, I think I may have met half the county! It was a great time though, and many great conversations arose from it. Jen Dorman was the impetus behind the event, so major thanks go out to her for inviting me into her community and giving me the opportunity to share some of my ideas with the teachers, administrators, parents and students there. OF course, she was more than just a gracious host, she was also one of the presenters on Tuesday as well, along with Matt Monjan and Scott Kinney. The highlight of that day was when an administrator came up to me and said that for the first time, he actually felt empowered to take out his iPhone and use it to explore and make connections during a presentation, WITHOUT feeling like he was being rude or inconsiderate to the presenter. He even signed up for several of the sites we were discussing while we were talking about them!

As promised, here are the presentations that I shared while in Bucks. Very much looking forward to my next visit to the area, whenever that may be.

Learning to Speak Native

The New Permanent Record – Parent version

Policies, Safety, and Social Networking


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