DEN Spring Training: Week 2

week 2

As the second week of DEN Spring Training comes to a close, we still see the Mid-Atlantic in the driver’s seat but for how long is the question? The South Region, under the direction of Brad Fountain, cut into the lead and is primed to move into the top spot next week. We caught up with Fountain via phone this morning. Take a listen.
In other spring training news, if you have already recruited a new STAR into the community please take some time to complete the recruiter’s form. DEN uniforms will be sent out in June as soon as spring training comes to a close.
Also, don’t forget to report your events. If you want to know how many events you have reported since the beginning of this school year please send an email to Jennifer Gingerich at


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  1. Teryl Magee said:

    Go South Region Go! Matt, watch out we’re coming. We might not have you yet, but we will get you! : )

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