Mish-Mash April 12, 2008

Here’s a new category of posts — ‘Mish-Mash’!  I’ll be sharing a bunch of snippets of items and thoughts, none of which would warrant their own post.

So…welcome to the first ‘Mish-Mash’!

For those of you who are Torley video fans, and for those of you who haven’t a clue who Torley is (though you soon will!), let me share a link to his Torley’s Videos page.   You’ll quickly understand why Torley has a penchant for watermelon and you will just as quickly look beyond the color combination and delve into the myriad of S/L help videos Torley has made.  Want to go back to the place you teleported to an hour ago?  Then you’ll want to check out Torley’s video on ‘Teleport Location History’.  Most videos are under 2 minutes in length which in my opinion is the perfect length — anything longer and my mind is wandering.

A shout-out to Cal for presenting on Moodle at our Wednesday Workshop.  We had quite a turn-out for the presentation and many thanks to Cal for doing such a fantastic job.  Cal’s slideshow is available here or you can find it in the ^Files^ section of the Google Groups.  You can also find a transcript of the chat in the ^Files^ section of Google Groups as well.Moodle 5

And of course, a shout-out to Unklar Klaar for entertaining us before the workshop with his Star Wars jokes and to Laural McCallen for egging him on!

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve added to a Blogroll along the right hand side.  I’ll be adding more S/L related blogs and if you have any you would like to suggest, please leave a comment below.

Gentle Reminder — This Wednesday, April 16th, JuliaAnn Mills will be doing a workshop on ‘PhotoStory – Making Movies’.  This presentation is a spin-off from RL Joe Brennan’s January session on Makin’ Movies.  The focus will be on how to put together a movie using digital images, adding audio, background music, and text.  You will also view a finished movie that was converted to a QuickTime movie for viewing on a media player in Second Life to use for professional development.  See everyone there at 5 p.m. SLT (8 p.m. EST).


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