Google Lit Trips

What is a Google Lit Trip you ask? Well… that’s up to you!

Google Lit Trips are a fast growing trend in the classroom that combine literary works and the genius that is Google. Imagine taking your students to each page of Make Way for Ducklings or following those infamous duds in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.

You are only limited by your imagination. And to make it even easier, why not use digital images from StreamlineSC to make it happen? Teachers, students, and book enthusiasts everywhere finally have a place to share their journey. Still not sure? Well, don’t get mad- save the wrath for these grapes.

We want to hear from you! Do you have an idea for a Google Lit Trip? Have you or your students already created one? Post your comments here and let’s get SC on the map…LITERALLY!

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  1. Robin Salonich said:

    We are new in using/doing Lit Trips but to help my teachers understand how to create one, I showed them how to use Google Earth for a Lit Trip by creating a file that showcased where I have lived over the years…..

  2. Donna T. said:

    ETV in Columbia, SC, is offering 3 times during their July 29-31 technology workshop a session on “Google Lit Trips: A Journey Your Students Will Never Forget!”
    Come learn about combining Google Earth with literature to take your students around the world! Follow the travels of famous literary characters from the comforts of your own classroom. A project created through Google Certified Teachers Program, will be introduced and explored. Creating your own Lit Trip will also be introduced.
    Audience: K-12
    Presenter: Julia Davis, Technology Educator, Richland 1
    Wednesday, July 30, Session 3 (1:15-2:45), Thursday, July 31, Session 2 (10:15-11:45) & Session 3 (1:15-2:45)
    15 and 20 participants
    THANKS Julia!
    Register at

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