Illinois – C+: State Technology Grades

Illinois gets a C+ for its use of technology in our schools.  Is this fair?  Is this accurate?  What is the criteria?  What is the purpose?  Who is doing the assessing?

Check out the report as it can be very misleading.  Perhaps the C+ is too high in some respect and also too low at the same time.

What do you think about the report? Here is there site’s blurb:

A special state-focused online supplement to Technology Counts 2008. This new State Technology Report assembles key findings in an accessible format that allows readers to examine a particular state’s performance on this year’s indicators. State Technology Grades and Ranking Tables PDF | Excel

Are the grades misleading? Do they really provide a good indication where we are at?

I really think a post by Bud the Teacher is appropriate for this discussion:  Lies. Statistics. Whatever.  Let him and the rest of us know what you think!


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