Stars Shine Bright in SL

The DEN in SL is looking for a few STARS to share a resource on Wed.
May 7th at 5 PM SLT. This resource can be something you love to use
within Discovery Streaming, a great Web 2.0 tool, an activity, a tip
or trick or link. Please contact one of the DEN in SL LC if you can
share that evening.

We want our STARS to help brighten our way!!
Remember if you present at this event it can count toward maintaining your STAR status and toward the free water bottle during Spring Training program.
Still not sure? Maybe this will help get you started.

  • Think of some web sites, cool tech toys, or a project you worked on this year.
  • Create 4-5 slides in Keynote, Powerpoint, OpenOffice, etc.
  • Save the slides out as jpg files.
  • Contact Lor, Beth, Riptide or any of the LC members and we will help get your pictures uploaded to SL and pay you for your costs of uploading.

You can choose to present your slides via voice if you have a headset or by text chat.

You can contact Lor Fredricksson and let her know you want to give it go or leave us a comment.

front star


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