Read Books Online

I’ve been surfing the internet a little more this week than usual and have found three sites that I thought I’d pass on. I decided to pass them on together because they are all the same type of site – free books! In no particular order . . .

logo.gifReadPrint has thousands of full text books available online. You can search for them by title or just browse through the list of authors.


FullBooks is a little more minimalist in design, but appears to have a lot of content. I couldn’t find a search function and their books appear to be listed alphabetically by title.

Planet eBook by far appears to have the most complex site. There are free books for download, but there is also a blog, a newsletter, and they invite you to suggest books you’d like to see added to their collection.

Next time you are going to be on the road, download a few good books to keep you company. Try these sites and comment here to let us know which is your favorite and why.


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