Young Scientist Challenge – For Teachers, Too!

ysc.pngThe Discovery-3M Young Scientist Challenge kicked off with a technology challenge as the online seminar locked up on my computer. Fortunately, old pal and fellow media maven Joe Brennan was able to take over from his. One fine thing about this Challenge is that it is NOT about technology. It’s about creativity and communication and a passion for science. Thatmythbusterswinners.png never left us, so the first webinar was a model of what a teacher or student video might be and still win–technology-challenged but communication rich! The PowerPoint, which might have been seen, is here. Download it if you like. It has the roster of upcoming webinars— so tune in! This is onegypt.pnge you can win! And for students, as we heard from last year’s winner, participation is fun and very satisfying– winner or not! One big perk last year–the student finalists got to be on the Mythbusters (April 26th, 8PM, Science Channel with a repeat on the Discovery Channel, April 27, 12 noon). Thrilling stuff to visit the show which gave the spirit to this video-only Challenge. If you can snapshot a science concept in a two-minute video, this Challenge is for you (it can be done–see here). Two big personal highlights from the webinar last night. First, reconnecting with Denise Thomas from Norfolk, Virginia, who created such a cool video by editing her Gizmoz avatar into DiscoveryEducationstreaming clips. I lost her name (see previous blog posts) and then she turned up during the webinar. I loved it! BTW, her kids are the odds-on favorites so far this year. Secondly, interviewing and sharing the comments of last year’s overall winner Erik Gustafson. The future is in good hands. Tune in to the next webinar if you want to hear from a remarkable kid. Alex Cirillo, VP from 3M, will be making an appearance, too. I’ll recommend he doesn’t follow Erik. 🙂 See you on the webinars. Note: Prizes for students: $50K in bonds and trip to DC. For teachers, all expense trip to DC and some other goodies. Final PS: Nice to see Tennessee Magee at the webinar, too.


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  1. Hall Davidson said:

    I’m planning on it. (I think….) Glad you are getting your kids into the Challenge. You are so charged up!

  2. Denise Thomas said:

    The webinar was great last night. Thanks for the PowerPoint. I’m an auditory and visual learner. Last night I was able to hear it, today I can read it. I plan to share the information with other ITRTs and science teachers so hopefully Norfolk, VA will be well represented.

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