Earth Day

Looking for some last minute resources for Earth Day on April 22nd?  I have the perfect solution!  Science Connection is full of videos, reading passages, and interactive activities to fill the day.   Click on the Earth and Space Science tab, then choose Weather and Climate, then Climate Change.  You have three avenues in which to discuss climate change:  short term changes, long term changes, and anthropogenic changes.   

I suggest using the exploration “Our Climate in the Long Run”.  Students drag events onto the diagram to show how they alter Earth’s heating.  A lot of students think greenhouse gases are the only cause of global warming.  This exploration explains how glaciation, changes in the Earth’s orbit, plate tectonics, and ocean currents also affect our climate.   Give your students the following mission:  figure out which of four fuel options will provide the cheapest electricity and the least amount of carbon dioxide.  The virtual lab “Future Power” allows students to explore their fuel options and try to keep pollution produced in check.   

Another option is to click on the Life Science tab, then choose Ecosystems and Environment, then click Problems and Solutions.  There are several labs and explorations your students can explore. Even though Earth Day is technically only one day, Discovery Science Connection gives you weeks worth of resources.  So get out there and explore! 



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