Science Challenge Video Tip #2

greenhouse.jpgE=M+S^2! Now just in case a few of you don’t recognize the Brennan Corollary to Einstein’s aging equation, that is Entry video = Media + Science x Storyboarding. Let’s take a look at another of the finalists’ videos in last year’s Discovery and 3M Young Scientist Challenge. Go to the YSC “Get Started” site and watch the 4th video down, “The Green House Effect.” Again, keep in mind that this was filmed as part of the final competition. The camera is on a tripod, fixed as a medium/full shot in order to take in the entire demonstration. There was no intention then to edit this at all. But as an example, we’re going to pretend it’s the foundation for an entry video in this year’s challenge. Let’s take the clip as a script and storyboard it with a few different shots to make it into a 2008 entry video. Without changing a word of her script, imagine the initial question as a tighter shot, just enough to pick up her body language. Next shot, just before she introduces herself, widen enough to see all the props on the table. Go to close-ups on the light and on the iron as she places the panes of glass. Now, back to a medium shot of her and the props. Then as she talks about the wave lengths, add a diagram – either at the poster paper or grab a close-up still frame from the video and use a draw program to pass the light’s rays through and bounce the iron’s waves back. Return to a medium shot for her conclusion and you have the exact same demonstration with a lot more visual interest to it – a little like you see on “Myth Busters.” And don’t forget last year’s YSC finalists will be matching wits with Jamie, Adam and the gang next Saturday on the Science Channel.

Want some help visualizing your science demonstration and adding some creative Hollywood shot angles to it? Watch Sean Astin in this short video on the American Film Institute’s ScreenNation website as he, along with some students and pros, explain how easy it is to organize and be creative with your shots.

And don’t forget the upcoming free webinars with Hall Davidson to help students and teachers get it all together before the June 15th deadline. Register ahead of time to get log-in information and the toll free phone number in case your computer doesn’t support the audio channel.

  • April 21st at 2pm Eastern for students
  • April 22nd at 1pm Eastern for students
  • April 23rd at 3pm Eastern for students
  • April 23rd at 6pm Eastern for teachers
  • April 30th at 8pm Eastern for teachers

There is also an EdTechConnect webinar on Digital Storytelling April 23rd with my good friend David Jakes.


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