It's a Wrap – PhotoStory 3

April 16_008

A dozen folks showed up for JuliaAnn Mill’s Wednesday Workshop on PhotoStory3.  The presenter had a couple of issues, some of which were resolved and others weren’t.  First, JuliaAnn was unable to ‘see’ people in-world in their entirety, but this I mean that all avis were apparently ‘beheaded’ (yup, our heads were in our laps) and our bodies were slashed (think of a Stephen King scarecrow).  No amount of tweaking and relogging solved the problem.  Then there were issues with scratchy voice and unable to get back in-world once logged out.  Luckily both of those latter issues were easily resolved.  While we were waiting for JuliaAnn to make her appearance I whittled away the time by leading all present in a meditation session (heh, anything to avoid those Star Wars jokes! LOL).  You should have seen everyone repeating ‘ummmmm’ after me!  Things got a little out of hand near the end when someone (was that you, Thon?) decided to demonstrate his Aflac gesture!  Yes, that’s right, you had to be there to hear him screech ‘AFLAC’ at the top of his lungs!

JuliaAnn very deftly managed to guide us back to the presentation at hand — PhotoStory 3.  Although I’m familiar with the application she did share some things I was not aware of: 1.  You can upload your finished product to a site like Zamzar, convert it to .mov which will then allow the show to be played on an iPod; 2.  you can create a slide in PowerPoint, save it as a jpeg and import it to PhotoStory3; and 3. not only can you narrate each slide, but the show won’t continue until the narration for a particular slide is done.  Please check out her PowerPoint and shownotes at the Google Groups.

Here’s a challenge to those who were in attendance (and even those who weren’t):  Create a PhotoStory3 and share the link to it in the comments section below.  Please NO KIDS in the show!  (Don’t want to have to deal with release forms and such.)  This is a good way to apply and share what you learned during the Wednesday Workshop.  In fact, I’m thinking of having this as a feature for those workshops which lend themselves to creating and sharing.

Thanks again JuliaAnn for doing a FABULOUS job!  And as aside, did you know that if you present for the DEN in SL that that counts as an ‘event’ in RL?????  Got an idea?  Want to give it a whirl?  Just contact one of the LC members and we’ll get you set up.

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