Empowered Education Awards

I’m not sure how I missed this one. I’d like to blame it on my end of January traveling or my grandson’s birth, but I actually had a press release buried in my email weeks before that. “Our goal with the ‘Empowered Education Awards’ is to discover and celebrate the accomplishments of some of America’s brightest young creative minds.” The eSchool News Network, with support from the Pearson Foundation invites K-16 students to make a 3-5 minute video on the theme of “How Technology Helps Me Learn.” Winners from each of the four age groups win a trip to D.C. But hurry this deadline is 5p.m. Eastern next Wednesday, April 30th.

And don’t forget the rest of our Young Scientist Challenge webinars: today at 1p.m. Eastern and also on Wednesday at 4p.m. Eastern for students and at 7p.m. Eastern for DEN teachers (yes, there is a “senior” category). Pick up Hall’s entry information PPT that goes with the webinars. Also, there’s a Digital Storytelling webinar with David Jakes at 8p.m. Eastern on Wednesday.


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